Saturday, October 21, 2006

Update: RIP Amy and other matters

I harvested everything and I am starting a whole new garden. I will be doing an herb garden, edible flowers, and a salad bowl garden. I also have a tomato plant that is starting to take off. The only thing that is holding me back is the containers I bought do not have drainage holes, so I need to either purchase one or ask my dad or a neighbor to drill them for me.

My orchid, which I named Amy, is officially dead after one month. I tried everything I could do to revive her, but no dice. First the leaves starting turning yellow. Then it started loosing blooms. Then it lost all its leaves. There are only two blooms left which are starting to wither. I feel so guilty, like I failed. My assumption is that I over-watered her or fed her improperly. I conclude that orchids are too high maintenance and tricky. Proof: the message boards and forums at gardening sights are fraught with people panicking over how to care for their orchids. Live and learn, I guess. RIP Amy.

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