Saturday, October 21, 2006

Update: RIP Amy and other matters

I harvested everything and I am starting a whole new garden. I will be doing an herb garden, edible flowers, and a salad bowl garden. I also have a tomato plant that is starting to take off. The only thing that is holding me back is the containers I bought do not have drainage holes, so I need to either purchase one or ask my dad or a neighbor to drill them for me.

My orchid, which I named Amy, is officially dead after one month. I tried everything I could do to revive her, but no dice. First the leaves starting turning yellow. Then it started loosing blooms. Then it lost all its leaves. There are only two blooms left which are starting to wither. I feel so guilty, like I failed. My assumption is that I over-watered her or fed her improperly. I conclude that orchids are too high maintenance and tricky. Proof: the message boards and forums at gardening sights are fraught with people panicking over how to care for their orchids. Live and learn, I guess. RIP Amy.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Still Growing

So, its about two weeks later and my greens have really taken off. I've got lots of mesclun and arugula, but found out that its way to hot right now for the spinach to grow the way it should. It actually bolted and started producing flowers. Alas, I will have to replace the container with something else.

I also recently received a beautiful orchid in a planter as a gift, and as many of you well know, orchids are really hard to care for. Thanks, Aaron. They're very temperamental so I spent a lot of time reading about how to care for it. It has to be fed on twice a month, watered once a week, and misted every other day. My concern is going out of town! Who is going to care for her like I do? Anyway, I have not yet killed it. And I am proud.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

I'm growing things!

I'm growing things!!!

I want a puppy really bad, so I am trying to work up to it with respect to the responsibility having a doggie requires. So I've started out with a little mini container garden right on my balcony. If things start dying, then there will be no dog.

I am so proud of myself. Starting from seed which I soaked in saltpeter, I've planted spicy mesclun, arugula and spinach. So far so good. I get up every morning and I'm like "YES! It hasn't died yet!"

The downside to this is I've become completely addicted to gardening, so I'm at Walmart (yes Wal-Mart: all of their gardening supplies are more than half off) 24/7 buying things I don't need. I'm trying to find a cute hummingbird feeder because one keeps buzzing around my balcony. I'm also all over the gardening catalogs. I just ordered a really cool culinary herb seed collection for wine lovers. I can't wait to get my hands on it! Posted by Picasa