Saturday, March 28, 2009

Olive Oil Tasting?? Who Knew??

To kill time before watching Slumdog Millionaire, Mosel and I went to We Olive in Belmont Shore for an olive oil tasting. I heart Olive oil-- it is truly a staple in my diet.

What is We Olive you ask? It’s the cutest little store that sells olive oil (mainly from California as well as olive oil from all over the world). They also sell olives, dipping oils, vinegars, tapenades, and bath and body olive oil-based body products like soap and candles.

Mosel asks me, “Are we going to be doing shots of olive oil?” LOL I honestly had no idea what was in store.

Olive oil tasting is much like wine tasting. First they pour the olive oil sample in a tiny plastic cup. Next you hold the sample, top and bottom between your hands, in order to warm it. Then you swirl it, sniff it, take a sip, aerate it in your mouth and swallow. Supposedly this is the only way to taste the true flavor of the oil.

I’ll be honest with you -- a lot of them tasted like fresh cut grass or wheat grass. Some of them had a peppery finish. I really had no idea that olive oil was so complex.

I purchased an Arbequina olive oil from Spain (I’ve already killed it). It was absolutely wonderful. Good stuff, Maynard. I'd suggest you limit your tasting to 3 to 4 samples. I got kind of queasy afterward but I think I had way too many. I will say it was very unique experience and I would definitely go back for another tasting.

K Cups!!!

I’m addicted to coffee, although I truly have cut down and am now mostly drinking green tea from Two Leaves and a Bud.

I have not owned an automatic coffee machine in over 5 years. I grind my own coffee beans and use a French press because it provides a more intense, flavorful coffee and I require it strong. Some mornings, depending on the laze or time factor, I’ll drink tea simply because it’s much faster.

Every time I get around those single serve coffee brewing systems, I get small kitchen appliance envy. Whilst in Cancun, I spent a great deal of time at the hotel coffee bar where there was a professional single serve espresso machine. I knew I had to get one when I got home to use on those days when I wanted something quick and easy.

Well, I now am the proud owner of a Keurig Special Edition Gourmet Single Serve Coffee Maker (the B60).

Had I known it would come with an 18 Kcup variety pack, I might have held off on purchasing Timothy's Extra Bold Rainforest Espresso ( I got a really great deal on Amazon).

My first cup (Green Mountain Coffee’s Dark Magic) which was from the included variety pack, was very mediocre, I’m hoping the Tims will be much better or else im stuck with 48 kcups.

Now, the K-Cups are pretty expensive. After doing a little research I found this money saving device that allows you to reuse your K-cups and fill them with your own coffee. Brilllllliant!

Hopefully this wont end up in the small kitchen appliance graveyard next to my juicer….

Thursday, March 12, 2009

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